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Organizations refine and adapt the way they communicate almost daily. Responding to the needs and preferences of various audiences, managing changing markets, and integrating diverse media channels into publishing operations require new strategies, as well as careful attention to established best practices.

Our articles and presentations provide proven tips and solutions for all publishers and communications professionals.

Buried in Email Hell! Overcoming Message Overload, ASAE 2014 MM&C Conference Don’t fall victim to the DELETE button. To strike the right balance of communicating your messages while satisfying members’ needs for valued content and fewer emails, you must break down organizational silos. Leverage a data-based, communication audit approach to developing an effective communication strategy that reduces message overload and promises maximum engagement.

Data-Based Innovations for Success, AM+P 2014 Annual Meeting Connecting with today’s diverse audiences can be tough. Learn how to leverage member and market data to guide your member communications strategies and refine the print/digital/social mix.

“Quiz: Pick Your Digital Match” (Published by Associations Now, August 2011)
Take this test to determine which digital format is right for you. (Reprinted with permission. Copyright, ASAE: The Center for Association Leadership, August 2011, Washington, D.C.)

“5 Questions to Bridge the Print to Digital Divide” (Published by Final Proof, April 5, 2011)
Tips for assessing your readers’ digital readiness.

“The Formula for Publication Growth” (Published by Associations Now, November 2009)
A case study on increasing size, frequency, and revenues in a down economy.

“Cause for Scrutiny” (Published by Association Publishing, November/December 2009)
Tips for conducting an internal publications audit and highlights from the Angerosa Research Foundation’s Association Publishing Benchmarking Study.

“Cyber Clones” (Published by Association Publishing, September/October 2007)
Highlights from the Angerosa Research Foundation’s E-Publishing Trends & Metrics study.

“Taking the Measure of Your Magazine” (Published by Associations Now, May 2006)
Association publishers are using a mix of industry benchmarks and content goals to track performance. (Reprinted with permission, copyright May 2006, ASAE & The Center for Association Leadership, Washington, D.C.)

“Calculated Leaps of Faith” (published by Associations Now, October 2006)
Willingness to shake off the status quo can change your association for the better.

“Boosting Bottom-Line Performance: The Makings of a Profitable Publisher” (Published by Forum, January/February 2006)
Chicago-based publications are significantly more likely to operate at a profit than their association counterparts in other areas of the country, according to findings from the Angerosa Research Foundation’s Association Publishing Benchmarking Study.

“How to Conduct Your Own Focus Group” (Published by Communication News, February 2006)
Hearing first hand from your members and testing new ideas before trying something new in print or online can provide fresh insights into readers.